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I offer comprehensive services in the planning, calculation and implementation of documentaries and other film projects. Especially on the topics of nature, environment, people and adventure. My service includes thorough research, exploring the locations and finding suitable protagonists. In addition, I am at your disposal for the conception and realization of commercials. I master all the steps in the post-production, from film editing to marketing.

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Script development

I tell stories and turn an idea into a film concept. In consultation with the client, the concept describes the objectives, feasibility and plot for the planned film.

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I take care of the implementation of the screenplay or script for documentaries, reports or image films and implement the content or the film idea in the interests of the client.

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Editing/ Postproduktion

In post-production, I carry out all steps involved in preparing a film on my modern editing suite. This includes video editing, color correction and sound mixing.

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Rights and Marketing

Starting with the copyrights of the artists (e.g. music) and protagonists (e.g. models), I take care of the basis for legal broadcasting and offer help with the distribution of film projects.


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Current project: "Gaias Plea"

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Waves of Change

This documentary is a captivating and moving exploration of the pressing environmental issues of our time. With breathtaking landscape shots, profound interviews, and a compelling message, this film offers the audience to experience and understand the impacts of climate change very close. It's not just a documentary but also a passionate plea for the preservation of our planet. By repeatedly illustrating IPCC(1) facts through a look at the "climate cards by Climate Fresk(2)“, it also serves as an introduction to the "Climate Puzzle" An invitation to travel by sailboat from the Maldives to India and back allows a rather cost-effective production of this film.

Gaias Plea

These videos provide information about a wide range of topics related to climate change. The spots not only raise awareness of these issues, but also inspire people to take action, have a positive influence and drive change in their personal lives. To continue producing more videos and spreading Gaia's message of eco-friendliness and climate action, support is essential.

Content that matters

If a documentary is financed by clients, they often have considerable influence on the content of the film. They may request changes to better serve their own interests or audiences. This has an impact on the integrity of the film maker and the message of the film. In order to be able to implement my ideas without any influence, I start a crowd funding for each of my projects.